The CMF business principles definethe way that Cyprea marine Foods Pvt.Ltd. Conducts its business affairs. It is the discipline that guides its employees to achieve the objective of the company, which is to, conduct its affairs responsibly and sustainably.

We are sure that business conducted responsibly in all the aspect of its operation, initiating from tuna harvest to production including the right to the environment surrounding it, will previal for generations.

We strive to achive efficiency and sustainability in the extraction of marine resource while we work to provide a healthy life to the world.


Respect: Treat out Employees with respevt and dignity. Respect them and their honesty and integrity.

Sustainability: Condact our business sustainably and ward off over exploitation to deliver to generations ahead.

Responsibility: Recognizing responsibility to shareholders, customers, and employees and to the socio economical environment in wich we exist.

Excellence: Continuously working for improvement in order to achieve excellence. Follow the philosophy that our product is not weary of excellence.

Health and Safety: We continually look for ways to reduce the environmental impact for a healthy and safe living.

Upholding our principles: Our core value of rspect is the foundation of our principles in building a reputation for reliability and honesty.

The application of these principles is assured through continuous training and monitoring to achieve the principles as a code of conduct in the every day life of the company.

As part of the assurance program our employees have the right to speak out to safeguard the principles and for their rights and the management take the responsibility to provide safe and confidential channels to raise concerns and report suspected breach of principles.

Yasir Waheed