CMF Fish Processing Factory, is an EU licensed processing plant in the Maldives which specialize in the wholesale supply of fresh yellowfin tuna and reef fish to the USA, Asia, and EU countries. The fact that our products are targeted to large buyers from the USA, Asia, and EU places particular emphasis upon consistent quality and food safety. This is achievable by employing personnel with the requisite experience, expertise and capability.

The management of CMF fish are committed to take practical steps to comply with the legislation & customer requirements. We have adopted the policy of only safe, legal and specified products which can be traced to its origin, and has requisite qualitu to merit customer satisfaction throughout its shelf-life. All reasonable precautions are implemented and all due diligence exercised to avoid commission of an offence against Food Safety Act by any member of our team.

In order to achieve this objective, it is the policy of CMF to establish and maintain an efficient and effective control system, planned and developed in conjunction with all management functions and accomplished through continuous training and improvement of all the necessary systems.

The policy is issued, therefore, to indicate clearly the attitude of company management with regard to quality, safety and related matters. Such policy is essential for the long term success of the company in a competitive marketplace, as well as achieving employee satisfaction.

CMF Fish Processing Factory's quality manual describes how quality system of the company is designed to ensure that all quality and regulatory requirements are recognised with due respect to due diligence. It includes:

*A documented Control System clearly setting out: Objective, Controls, Methods,Results, Monitoring & Action responses for Food Safety & Quality.

*Operational Manual covering: Management, Raw  Materials, process, Finished Product, Hygiene, Pest, Waste, Complaints, Crisis Management & Training.

Thus with a detail quality manual and comprehensive HACCP plan supported with prerequisite programmes such as GMP, SSOP, Sop Cyprea Marine Fish Processing Factory is committed to supplying best quality products in the shortest delay.

Yasir Waheed